Sex dolls are conquering the world

Sex dolls are conquering the world

Sex dolls are conquering the world

n the 90s, sex shops were filled with Chinese inflatable dolls. They were the perfect gift for a bachelor party,
18th birthday or some other celebration. The idea that you can have sex whenever you want and in whatever way you want led
is to the great popularity of these dolls. But the problem with inflatable dolls was the impracticality, so they mostly ended up
in the closet or in the trash. But that idea never left the heads of men. Have a plastic doll in the room with which you can
have sex when you want and who will never say “no” to you, or one of those shabby phrases, “I have a headache,” remained
the dream of all men.

And if we think that the world started from our time, and that people before us did not have similar ideas, that is not true.
There are stories that old sailors carried rag dolls with them, and the entire crew used that doll to satisfy
their sexual needs. So, the idea of ​​the existence of an object on which we will be able to fulfill our own at any moment
sexual fantasy is much older than us. The Nazis had this idea in World War II, so they did to their soldiers
send inflatable dolls that they would use for sex, so as not to catch sexually transmitted diseases but also
so as not to confuse their genes with non-Aryan girls and women. And it is believed that they were then the invention of inflatable dolls
which we mentioned earlier.

What is definitely true is that we have made much more technological progress in passing to earlier generations. Overcame
we inflatable dolls and switched to almost real dolls. Dolls that have a skeleton and movable joints, which are
made of medical silicone and which provide incredible pleasure in use. Silicone used for making
The dolls are so reminiscent of real human skin, and its texture resembles meat, that many users of these dolls have forgotten that
they are just sex dolls and consider them their girlfriends, buy them gifts, flowers, lingerie, etc. You don’t need that
to our amazement, indeed when you have experience with a doll like this forget that it is a toy. The dolls are right
hair, real face, breasts, which to the touch look like real breasts, hard nipples, buttocks, moving joints to
The doll could be adjusted to any pose that suits you and the openings are designed to give you a sense of real sex.
Man as an emotional being develops a special kind of relationship with anything that gives him some kind of pleasure. Since ancient times
people worshiped statues and there are records of sexual worship of statues and it is in human nature. Dolls like this
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If we add to all this the further advancement of our technology and the development of artificial intelligence, we can in the next 10 or so
years to expect that these dolls will be replaced by real sex robots, who will be able to talk to us, express emotions.
On the other hand, we are sure that they will not be as complicated as women and that there will be no phrases in their algorithm: “I can’t”,
“I have a headache,” “I’m tired.” We keep figs!

The constant advancement of technology has also led to the progress and technical perfection of this old male idea. Dolls that will
always be in the mood for sex and dolls that will fulfill all our desires, without objection. If you want to
feel a new experience, bring freshness to your sex life, buy yourself a silicone sex doll and improve
sex life.

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